winning bid!!!

Tissue box covers/Sake holders/Clown banks

Sometimes you see something that you know you must have - no matter how ridiculous it looks. Case in point: this obscenely hillarious tissue dispenser I won on eBay for $9.50. When I saw this it reminded me of all those 4-H craft fairs I wandered through as a kid growing up in Western Kansas. This kind of atrocity is a shining example of what is kitsch. I looked it up in my 1950s collector book and found out that these dispensers were super-popular back in the day and that many a grandma have them sitting near their bedside. What a find!

Another happy eBay purchase is this cute set of flavored sake geisha girl bottles I got for $15. They are now sitting proudly in my wet bar. Apparently, they are from Benihanna during the 1960s. These restaurants were pretty hip back then (and still are to some folks). I don't want to pull an Alice and drink from the mysterious bottles, but they sure do look nifty. When you're on eBay, you should try doing a search on geisha just to see what comes up. I've found some pretty fabulous-looking dolls that way. Japanese toys tend to be on the unique side and are well worth the effort of seeking fun stuff out.

One last item that I quite fancy is my scary metal clown bank. When you place a penny in his hand and pull the lever, his eyes roll back into his head and he eats the change. Yikes! He kinda looks like those old coin-operated machines at Coney Island or Musee Mechanique. There are an amazing amount of creepy mechanical banks for sale on eBay. So if you like that kind of thing, keep your eyes peeled.