Tank Girl is my Hero

A nybody who tells you a girl can't drive a tank should be run over and then drowned in cheap beer.

Tank Girl kicks butt and doesn't take whiny prisoners. She and her other grrlfriends, Jet Girl and Subgirl, have one thing in mind: To have fun wreaking havoc across the desert.

In the beginning....

Tank Girl has a long, sorded history beginning with her two dads, Jaime Hewlett and Alan Martin.

After plenty of cheap beer and not much else, they came up with our beloved doll of destruction, Tank Girl. And she debuted in the U.K. comic/music/fashion rag known as Deadline.

As we all know, Tanky and friends had great success in the comic book world. Images of Tank Girl could be seen on shirts, skateboards and, of course, a true hipster would tattoo himself with a grinning Tank Girl.

Yet like all great things, Hollywood came into the picture to fuck things up royally. They forced poor Jamie and Alan to take truck-loads of money so directors who NEVER read the comic could turn it into an action flick. The REAL Tank Girl would have never given in...well...maybe she would if she could have some fun screwing everything up and making those Hollywood types mad.

But as we both know, the movie just wasn't that great. The REAL Tanky wouldn't be into the Good VS. Evil fight. She just wants a decent can of beer, a good snog with her kangaroo boyfriend and a full tank of gas.

All contents copyright © 1996 by Bonnie Burton.

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