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Velvet paintings

Images from Patriot Portrait Collectibles

Truth be known - I didn't buy any of the velvet paintings you see above, but I do own a black velvet painting of Kenny Rogers, so I still think I deserve some art cred here.

If I had more wall space in my apartment, I'd buy all of these masterpieces! You can actually find them for sale online outside of eBay at Patriot Portrait Collectibles. They have all types of velvet portraits from politicians to tabloid heros.

Imagine an entire wall dedicated to velvet portraits of public figures like President Reagan, or perhaps you'd like to hang the smoking monkey velvet portrait above your bed to look tres sexy, indeed!

I can only hope that eBay continues to encourage its worshippers to sell more original velvet paintings. We see plenty of Elvis paintings, but what about Star Wars tributes or a nice velvet painting of someone like John Waters? Dare to dream....

To see the latest velvet paintings for sale by this seller on eBay, do a seller search on brobison.