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  • More about Bonnie: More information than you really ever wanted to know about the grrl behind
  • Arts & Crafts: Make your own apartment murals, mail art, decos and more.
  • Phreaky: Bizarre Web sites in both pill and Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx form.
  • Dating: Relationship 101 advice column, tips on dating emotional cripples and the Cute Geek Guy Gallery.
  • Heroes: Tributes of women and men Bonnie thinks rock: Bettie Page, Mary Vivian Pearce, Roger Black and others.
  • Finds: Check out the junk Bonnie buys on eBay.
  • Life: Get ready to cook yummy food and grow funky plants. This section has retro recipes, cookbook reviews, gardening book suggestions and more!
  • Work: Tales of temping, disgruntled worker sites and books!
  • Read: Grrl-approved comics, books and zines!


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