Roger Black on tour
Prof. Black

When he's not answering his phone messages or redesigning magazines and newspapers, he's on tour speaking to would-be designers.

Here's some of his past and present appearances:

Roger Black was a special guest at Barnes and Noble for a live chat about his book, "Web Sites That Work." Read the transcript of that chat here. Roger also did another online chat with Washington Post columnist, Leslie Walker. You can read the transcript here.

Roger usually is asked to be a keynote speaker moderator or panel moderator at various Seybold Seminars. So be sure to look for him!

Photo from CNNfn

On April 23, 1997, Roger appeared on CNNfn TV and was interviewed by Steve Young on the Digital Jam segment, where Roger not only plugged his book on design, but also THIS SITE was featured. Young thought it was funny that I misspelled Digital Jam (which I did on purpose, thank you very much!) on the page and that I ignore all of Roger's design rules such as using green text on a black background and of course the big no-no -- scrolling pages. I'm just glad the world got to see the old photo (on the top of this page) of Roger when he had long hair and worked at Rolling Stone magazine.

Previously, on Oct. 17, 1996, Roger appeared on CNNfn TV and was interviewed by Steve Young on the Digital Jam segment . He briefly spoke about design online and how the sales department shouldn't have a say in design, but just the design department. He sure hates those rainbow button suggestions!

Roger posing with Cataldo Aprea; photo from Apreamare

In 2003, you'll probably have a better chance of spotting Roger enjoying his new boat in the waters of Miami. So if you see him, wave and compliment him on his yachting wardrobe!
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