Blue & Bobbed & Girlie

Bonnie Blue was my favorite character in Gone With the Wind...even though she died on a horse in the film.

To honor Ms. Blue, I did something I've always wanted to do in high school and college but didn't have the guts...I dyed part of my hair bright blue...well, more of a deep midnight blue.

I also cut off all my hair a few years back to change my look drastically. I guess I was tired of trying to look like Bettie Page.

Of course after that, I managed to dye my hair every color from pink to Tori-Spelling-ish blonde hair. Someone stop me, please...

I don't have blue hair anymore, but when I did, I sure got a lot of attention. I kind of miss that now. Maybe when I'm famous, I'll dye it purple. Or not.

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