Thurs., Oct. 24, 2002

Boy saves hot dogs with supersoaker:

Why people are daft enough to lock their pooches in the car on a hot day is beyond me. I imagine if humans were locked in a greenhouse all day, they might think twice about doing the same to their dogs.

Here's the story about a boy who saves the day.

Thurs., Sept. 26, 2002

Can you hear me bark now? How about now?:

I had a feeling it was only a matter of time before someone invented cell phones for dogs. Thankfully that day has finally arrived. Now I can order my own pizza!


Mon., Aug. 26, 2002

Dog Talk:

My masters are always yammering on and on about stuff I can't quite figure out. I understand the usual commands to "Pee," "Sit," "Get Down" and "Stay." But some of that nonsense about "Don't chew on the TV remote" and "Must you sleep on the TiVo?" is beyond me.

Dogs usually try to understand human pleas, but if you try chatting with a cat you might as well forget it.

Here's a site that explains Advanced Conversational Feline.


Sat., Aug. 17, 2002

Doggy Design:

Apparently, humans aren't the only ones who can design a beautiful garden. Finally, us pooches get our deserved props for landscape design.

Check out this article about humans who let their mutts design gardens.

Thurs, Aug. 15, 2002

Humans are Nothing But Trouble:

I swear I was just fetching a bone. I don't even know these guys, Officer.


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