August 2004

Tour my bachelorette pad...


August 2004

A few Comic-Con snapshots

August 2004

Bullet Point List of Bonnie's Life This Month

  • Dogsat Sophie for two weeks while Steve & Sharon were in Costa Rica.
  • Attacked by a hornets' nest.
  • Fell out of a window saving a kitten.
  • Hung out with Andy, Kirsten, Kristen and Thee Parkside gang.
  • Began the hunt for a literary agent.
  • The Summer 2004 issue of BUST magazine (the issue with actress Jena Malone on the cover), published my short article about Letterboxing -- a new hobby that mixes hiking with treasure hunting and mail art!
  • Became obsessed with the movie Garden State.
  • worked, worked, and worked it.
  • Listened to the bands: The Shins, The Postal Service, Oranger, +/-, Viva Voce, The Killers, The Stills,'s, Interpol, and Lower 48.
  • Spent equal time on the forums on and
  • Watched waaaay too much TV.
  • Had an original Irish Coffee where it was invented in San Fran -- Buena Vista Club.
  • Visited Musee Mecanique (a huge room of 140 antique arcade coin games) at Fisherman's Wharf.
  • Watched the movies: Party Monster, Personal Velocity, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Tape, All I Want, Igby Goes Down.
  • Read the book The Mailroom: Hollywood History from the Bottom Up by David Rensin.
  • Had some beers with the Industrial Light & Magic softball team.
  • Spend plenty of social time at Thee Parkside, Latin American Club, Lone Palm, Doc's Clock and Make-Out Room.
  • Found out my book, Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs has sold out of the 1st printing and now will be on its 2nd printing. Yipee!

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